30 Ways to get your Flax!

30 ways to have flax!

It's so EASY! Just ADD

  1. Add to your morning porridge.
  2. Add to cold cereals.
  3. Mix into yogurt.
  4. Blend with a smoothie.
  5. Sprinkle over fruit.
  6. Top your salad.
  7. Coat your chicken.
  8. Bake in a muffin.
  9. Top your bread sticks.
  10. Mix in a cookie dough.
  11. Bake a flaxseed bread.
  12. Blend into creamed soups.
  13. Roll your sushi in.
  14. Mix with peanut butter.
  15. Coat your cheese ball.
  16. Add to a pancake mix.
  17. Mix in a Tzatziki dip.
  18. Top your stir fry.
  19. Knead into butter/cream cheese.
  20. Mix in a salad dressing.
  21. Blend into fruit juice.
  22. Prepare a flaxseed bar.
  23. Add to rice crispy cake.
  24. Drink in a  fruit juice.
  25. Add to scrambled egg.
  26. Add to rice/barley/quinoa risotto.
  27. Mix into ice cream.
  28. Top your favorite cone.
  29. Make a 2 minute flaxseed mug.
  30. Enjoy it plain with a glass of water.